Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bunbury's Gladiator Star!

LOCAL people now have another reason to tune into popular television program Gladiators – a Bunbury man is flexing his muscles as one of its stars.
Hunter, who attended Bunbury Senior High School, is one of the athletes standing between the weekly challengers and a $100,000 cash prize.
Otherwise known as Zac Kozyrski, Hunter is admired for his accuracy, strategy and stealth.
Fast and direct, he enjoys playing Hang Tough, Pyramid and the Wall.
“I love the games that require a certain amount of skill and strategy," he says.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

This Amazon woman is the girl next door

GOING by the name of "Amazon", Shari Onley will outwit and outplay challengers in one of the most gruelling reality competitions around Gladiators. Onley, 24, of Caringbah, follows in the footsteps of another Sutherland Shire athlete, Vulcan, a stalwart of the original Gladiators series. And the skin-tight outfits have made a comeback, too.The only female from NSW in the cast, Shari skipped the audition process of the national tour and made it straight onto the show.

"I fell into it really, I didn't even try out," Shari said."I went along to see the trial and they were really persistent. I kept saying no but I thought it would be silly not to see what it's all about."Gladiators tests competitors' physical and mental strength through a series of challenges against other contestants.Following a four-week intensive boot camp, Shari also known as "Amazon", the fierce ruler of warrior women said each Gladiator was given a different character to play on the show.

"They actually relate to our personalities so it hasn't been hard to adapt," she said. Retired shire rugby league referee Bill Harrigan is the program's referee.

By Eva Tejszerski

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tim Brunero talks to "Olympia"

Listen to Tim Brunero talk to "Olympia" then challenge her to an arm wrestle!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blade a.k.a. Bev Carter

Bev was an elite British gymnast and an aerobics champion before she scored a gig on Gladiaors and settled in Australia. She now has a usiness called Performance Life And Wellness Coaching and has just written a book called Be Your Own Personal Trainer - but she still gets recognised from her time on the show. "It does happen occasionally, which is quite funny," Bev says. "But I wasn't one of the most recognised Gladiators because I was the one doing cartwheels, so you just used to see me flying through the air!" And her advice to new Gladiators? "Just keep your feet on the floor and enjoy the moment," she says. "It's a fantastic ride".

Credit: TV Week

Anthony Koutoufides has a new field of dreams

full story here:,21985,23434101-2902,00.html?from=public_rss

Kouta Victorious on Duel Episode 1

Don't forget to pick up this weeks edition of New Idea Magazine which features a two page spread with Kouta as well as 5 Gladiator collector cards (Thunder, Destiny, Nomad, Amazon and Outlaw)

Gladiators pummels ratings competition

Almost 1.85m Australians tuned into the new incarnation of Gladiators on the Seven Network last night making it the most watched TV premiere of the year.
The audience peaked at 2.18m! Well done Seven! Well done Gladiators!